• Photogram Portraits

    Photogram Portraits

    Attentive to the Footprint that We Leave
    El Comercio: Luces
    Sunday, September 5, 2021
    By: Enrique Planas

    "Cuerpos Develados”
    (Revealed Bodies)
    In Roberto Huarcaya's exhibition, visual creators become the object. This series of portraits, made with the technique of photogram, can be viewed at El Centro de la Imagen.

    The work began with the first portrait of the photographer Fernando La Rosa. At the end of 2016, in the artist's last visit to Lima, his colleague and friend Roberto Huarcaya told La Rosa about the concept of his project: portraying a series of personalities linked to photography with the technique of the photogram, that is, the “footprint” of the body on the photographic paper, without the intermediation of the lens of a camera. La Rosa accepted and proposed to pose for him on his return to Lima the following year. However, months later he called Huarcaya on the phone to tell him that according to the doctors' diagnosis, he would not make it to Lima as planned. However, La Rosa commented that he remained enthusiastic to be a part of Huarcaya’s project.

    Accelerating his plans, Huarcaya flew to Macon, in the state of Georgia, USA, where La Rosa resided. They went to Wesleyan College, where he taught his classes, and in the darkened photography studio they cut two meters of photographic paper. Huarcaya asked La Rosa to lie down on it, to make that narrow territory his own, and to say when he felt comfortable. The Lima photographer wore a small red lantern fastened to his forehead, watching his friend choose the position. Then his model announced: "This is how I am very comfortable. So much so that I am falling asleep" Huarcaya fired his little hand flash. Due to the darkness, the outlined silhouette was exactly marked on his retina. He shot two more times to give the image, that would be fixed on the paper, a volume, a rhythm, a texture, which would enrich the flat image produced by the first flash.

    Huarcaya had many conversations with his colleague during his week long visit. They returned to the Wesleyan studio where La Rosa also photographed Huarcaya, as if the farewell was based on the exchange of their representations. Two weeks later, in early November 2017, La Rosa, one of the founders of contemporary Peruvian photography, a master of image fragmentation, passed away. Fixed on the photographic paper, we can see his almost spectral silhouette, leaning back with his cane at his side, a testimony of touching fragility and iron will at the same time.

    Although at first glance one could consider these portraits as ghostly, mysterious and elusive figures, it is enough to sharpen the gaze to recognize familiar heights, curvilinear shapes, characteristic hairstyle, among other manifestations of identity. "Historically, our way of recognizing the other has affected facial gestures. In these times of pandemic, when we all wear a mask, we doubt for a few seconds whether the people who approach us are familiar or not. And we have to make sure we are attentive to the height, hair, body movement, information that we don't usually need. What this project does is investigate the other messages that the body communicates, its movement, positions, curves, or tensions. A gesture that is forgotten because it is not needed," explains the artist.

    Things of the Body:

    Paraphrasing the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, in the images of Huarcaya the representation of the unconscious of those portrayed emerges from the shadows. These silhouettes are a natural consequence of the work that he has been doing since his celebrated series "Amazogramas" in 2014, and that in recent years he has been developing both on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean and in the registration of dances in Andean communities. However, for the first time, in "Cuerpos develados" (Revealed Bodies) (Work in progress 2017 ...) the artist proposes a figurative register. Therefore, it is noted that the work has had the complicity of its own union between photographers, critics, gallery owners or collectors. The photo sessions have been carried out in the most diverse places, from the bathroom of a hotel to the living room of the house of the person being portrayed. Huarcaya only needed the darkness of the night, a couple of black fabrics to cover the windows, his small handheld flash and two meters of floor so that his portrayed person can stretch.

    "I have been doing portraits for a long time, and it seemed interesting to me to portray a particular objective group, those responsible for photographic production in the broadest sense, the set of networks of visualization, production and distribution of photography. In this context, I decided to look at Peruvian creators. This exhibition puts the emphasis on them, in addition to some visible heads of international production and theory linked to our country such as Luis Camnitzer, Joan Fontcuberta or Alejandro Castellote ", explains the photographer.

    Thus, the selection that El Centro de la Imagen exhibits since Tuesday displays 38 images of a project that already has a hundred, and that aims to achieve double before concluding the experiment. "We are halfway there, but it seemed interesting to me to show the progress of a work that was frozen by the pandemic," he says.

    By reopening the cultural area of El Centro de la Imagen, a professional school with Ministry of Education recognition, it is propitious that the photographers themselves, or rather the footprints of their bodies, re-open El Ojo Ajeno Gallery. Indeed, for Huarcaya "Revealed Bodies" is a tribute to photographic production, a celebration of lives linked to photography, presenting their own traces on photosensitive paper.

    Likewise, it is very interesting to note how, in the complicity between photographer and photographed, each of his models proposes their own staging. "I usually give advanced invitation to the portrayed so that they begin to think how they want to be represented, what they want to construct with their body. Some are more spontaneous, others more theatrical, more elaborate. But regardless of all that, the final surprise is always very important" Huarcaya adds. The viewer can attest to them.

    Lima, Peru, September, 2021
    El Ojo Ajeno Gallery, El Centro de La Imagen

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