Art and Life > 1971-1978 Peru, Massachusetts, Maine, Ohio

During this time in Peru, La Rosa began the series Ventanas (Windows) which started in 1971 in Peru and continued throughout his life. The formal qualities of the architectural framework of a window, or aperture provided a dialectic between the man made and nature, or as La Rosa put it, "the thing seen". In 1973, La Rosa invited Minor White to travel to Peru and accompanied him on photographic excursions, after which La Rosa left Peru to study with Minor White in Boston. Upon his return to Lima, La Rosa established a fine art photography school and gallery, Secuencia Fotogaleria with its inaugural exhibition of Aaron Siskind. La Rosa and other Secuencia photographers traveled with Siskind on photographic excursions in Lima and coastal locations. At Secuencia, La Rosa curated the first solo show in Lima of the work of Peruvian photographer, Martin Chambi.